• Ntl. Dex #012
  • Type: Bug/Flying
  • Abilities: CompoundEyes/Tinted Lens
  • Height: 3’07”
  • Weight: 70.5 lbs

Butterfree, the Butterfly Pokemon, is the final form of Caterpie and Metapod. It resembles a vaguely anthropomorphic butterfly. Unlike true insects, it only has four legs, which are a pale blue color. It has a nose-like structure, which is a similar color. The coloration of a Butterfree’s body is a darker purple-blue. It has large veined wings, which are white with black markings. These markings can help distinguish male and female individuals. It has large compound eyes that tend to be a reddish color. Like members of the order Lepidoptera, Butterfree’s two pairs of wings are covered in fine scales. Its legs are covered in fine hairs, which aid in the collection of honey.

A female has black spots on the lower parts of her wings.

The waterproof scales on Butterfree’s wings are loosely attached, and if the Butterfree flaps them hard enough, they will be released into the air. This resulting “dust” is toxic, and can be irritating if inhaled. In some cases, additional powders will be mixed in, some causing sleep and others paralysis.

In addition to the usual powers possessed by Bug-type Pokémon, Butterfree also learns a variety of powerful Psychic-type moves.

Butterfree spends most of its time foraging for nectar and pollen, locating the flowers by its sense of smell. In the wild, they need to eat constantly. Special adaptations such as waterproofing on their wings, and tiny hairs on their legs let them gather food even in the rain. Butterfree will roam up to six miles (ten kilometers) from their nest in search of honey.

Butterfree collect and consume pollen and honey from flowers. Butterfree also consume sap from trees if they have been opened by Heracross.

Butterfree can be found in forests and wooded areas with high amounts of moisture and mist. They can also sometimes be found flying near the ocean, which may be part of Butterfree’s migratory breeding pattern. This Pokémon’s natural range includes Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova.